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Conversion of Garage to Cottage

The Garage that became a Cottage

The next property owners in 1995 were Vince & Sheila Van Schaick, Joseph’s 2nd youngest son, and his wife. In 1998, Sheila decided a garage was not needed and it would be more useful as a 2-bedroom rentable cottage. She drew up a floor plan for it, had it approved by Dept. of Tourism, and then hired a contractor to convert it. One day, the ocean facing dining room window had just been installed. After placing a lawn chair in the approximate position where a future dining chair would be, she determined that the window was positioned too high, as she could not see the ocean from her makeshift seat ! So, fix it they did ! The finished cottageWhile Vince assisted with the construction, Sheila was busy with the interior furnishings and colours, aiming to make this one feel like a gardener’s cottage, which became Cottage 6AB.