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Re-conversion of Ticket Office to cottage

The small wooden cottage near the ocean shore was used by the first generation of Van Schaicks as a ticket office since 1984. The old Office building near the ocean.After Sheila had lived in the big house for several years, with only 2 children instead of her in-laws family of 7, she decided that there was enough room in the house for an office. She wanted the seaside office building to be put to better use as a rentable cottage (as it once was). In the fall of 2004, the conversion began, and it was with family and existing staff as labour that this was achieved! Cottage 2 after renovationsSheila had drawn up a floor plan again, and the work took the entire winter and spring to complete. But the result is a wonderful 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom cottage overlooking the ocean shoreline with big windows and lots of space. The interior was furnished and decorated in a country farmhouse theme this time, and it is known as Cottage 2AB.